Back in my Uptown days when I struggled to find good quality, affordable foods, I would spend Sundays in Rogers Park, shopping at places like Fresh Farms and Kamdar Plaza. However, I still had to buy mineral water, meat and, if I was lucky, some Bende smoked tenderloins. Fortunately, I just had to drive a few blocks west on Devon to Kedzie to get that and more at City Fresh Market.

Grocery Gal City Fresh Market DevonCity Fresh Market is small, but it is a powerhouse for Central and Eastern European and Mediterranean foods. It’s a family owned market that’s been around since 2004. I love whenever I find a place that carries Croatian wine and a variety of products I grew up with as a kid.

Grocery Gal City Fresh Market European Wine Grocery Gal City Fresh Market CheeseIt was at City Fresh where I first noticed products from Green Ridge Farms. They’re a local supplier of European style smoked meats and sausages. Since this visit, I’ve seen them at a few other local grocery stores. I grabbed a package of the thin, smoked sausages during this visit. Although they were good, they still couldn’t compare to the fresh, dried sausage from Montrose Deli City Fresh Market Devon Green Ridge FarmsCity Fresh Market Devon Smoked MeatsIn addition to prepackaged meats and cheeses, they offer a full deli counter, meat counter and a very, very busy bakery counter. In fact, the bakery counter was so packed when I was there that I wasn’t able to take any photos! They offer traditional European multilayered cakes (and by multi, I mean more than 6!), like Dobos Torte, many cream filled cakes like I had seen in trips to Croatia, and staples like baklava. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I think I’ll stop by before visiting my dad next time with a few options for him!

As any good European deli should, City Fresh Market has a wide variety of feta cheese to choose from. I didn’t realize this the last time that I was there, but they also offer slow-roasted pig, goat and lamb. Finding that out while writing this post makes me want to hop in my grocery getter and head on over now. Slow roasted lamb on a spit was the norm at summer barbecues as a child; there’s nothing else really like it. They also make their own meat specialties in house: Cevapi, Pljeskavica and Sudjuk.

City Fresh Market Devon FetaAnd for those not into all the Eastern and Central European specialty meats, City Fresh Market is a solid market in its own right. Decent produce and a well-stocked meat section. The cuts of meat were all fresh and and well priced.

City Fresh Market Devon ButcherFinally, for those fans of Central and Eastern European mineral waters and beer, City Fresh Market has you covered, too. They have a good variety, including my favorite Croatian beer: Karlovacko.

City Fresh Market Devon BeerIf you haven’t had a chance to try Eastern specialties like roasted lamb, cevapi, or a Dobos torte, you should make it a point to stop in a City Fresh Market soon.

City Fresh Market3201 West Devon Avenue, Chicago, IL 60659. 773-681-8600. Open 7 days.

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