I’ve been rather busy lately, which doesn’t give me much time to devote to my Grocery Gal fans. However, a package arrived yesterday and I just had to share it! I’ve gotten my first Food Dehydrator! I remember hearing about food dehydrators as a kid, but never thought of getting one… until I realized you can make your own beef jerky with it! Finally, I can be prepared for the zombie apocalypse! What really is great about the Nesco dehydrator is that it’s programmable. I’m hoping I can prepare everything either before I go to bed or to work in the morning.

Grocery Gal Nesco Food Dehydrator American Harvest Made in USA

Now I can prepare for the zombie apocalypse

The inspiration to make my own jerky came after I had visited Paulina Meat Market for the first time in a few years. Yes, comin’ soon to GG. Paulina Meat Market makes their own beef jerky, and it’s just super yummy. This will be new cooking territory for me, but I will share my experience (and my recipe, if it’s good) in the near future. Stay tuned! Have you made your own jerky? Any suggestions on flavors are welcome!

Grocery Gal shops at Paulina Meat Market in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood

Paulina Market’s beef jerky sliced to order – super tender and not tough


  1. Yuppiepunk
    Posted April 24, 2014 at 7:50 pm | Permalink

    We have to totally have a dehydrator party! I’m not sure what that would look like…maybe watching meat dry would be more fun than watching paint dry…we could always make cocktails in the meantime.

    Truthfully I have to focus on vegetable and fruits…my ticker is back-talking.

    Great Uncle Robert made jerky all winter from antelope, deer, geese, duck, and quail. I’ll do my best to see if Pop has any of his secrets.

    • Grocery Gal
      Posted April 25, 2014 at 12:23 am | Permalink

      Yuppiepunk, set up the date! Dehydrated veggies should go great in a bloody mary

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