I have a really old hand mixer. It still functions, but sometimes thick batters slow the motor down. Hamilton Beach offers the Soft Scrape 300 watt hand held mixer, so I thought I’d give that a try. I had recently purchased the Healthy Gluten-Free Life cookbook, stocked up on a ton of different gluten-free flours at Kamdar Plaza, and wanted to find out how a gluten-free banana bread would taste. The recipe was also dairy free, so I thought this might be a thicker batter and as good of a recipe as any to test out that 300 watts of power in the Soft Scrape hand mixer.

Grocery Gal Hamilton Beach 62637 mixer

Starting to mix the wet ingredients with the dry ones

I plugged the mixer in, and it immediately turned on. The thumb switch to the 6 levels of speeds engages rather quickly. I wish there was a type of safety between off and “1.” Fortunately, the ingredients didn’t go flying, but I knew I had to keep that in mind in the future.  I often cook with my stepson, who absolutely loves being in charge of the hand mixer, but with the ease of this mixer turning on we would have to exercise some caution.

Hamilton beach 62637 blender reviewThe ergonomics of the hand mixer were a little off. My thumb kept on hitting the “boost” button, which I didn’t intend to do. The mixer actually doesn’t need the boost button. There’s so much power, I rarely had to go above 3. It definitely is a powerhouse, but it needs a better way to harness it. My four different types of flour, starches, applesauce, coconut oil and other ingredients mixed together in a snap.Hamilton Beach 62637 product reviewThe mixer features a new soft-scrape beater which I tried for another recipe, but I prefer the traditional stainless beaters that comes with it. The single whisk will be a great piece when making whipped cream, too.

One of the things I really liked about the Soft Scrape 6 speed hand mixer was the case that keep everything organized in one place. My current hand mixer is in a pantry while the beaters are in a drawer. This give the mixer and nice flat edge to stand up with all the accessories contained in one place. How did the gluten-free treats taste? Pretty great; I’ll definitely be trying more recipes from the Healthy GF Life!

Hamilton Beach Soft scrape review 62637

End results with my mixer in one nice neat package.

Hamilton Beach Soft Scrape 6 Speed Mixer. MSRP $34.99

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