This piece originally posted in March 2014 for the online company Relished. A rebranding has recently taken place and Relished is now known as Home Chef. Relished links have been updated to take users to the correct Home Chef links. Enjoy!

Today is a first for Grocery Gal. A company contacted me to try out their food. Really? Free food? Bring it on! The catch was they wanted me to honestly write about it. I’m fine about being honest. And I thought too bad for them, because this sounds like a concept so NOT Grocery Gal. Why not? It sounded fancy and way too expensive. Well it was fancy, and to my shock and absolutely amazing value. What was it? It’s a new Chicago company called Relished.

I was familiar with the delivery concept with Door-to-Door Organics. The twist here was it’s three complete meals for you to cook at home, with everything (minus salt, pepper, oil and your cookware) in one box. It’s sounded great for my busy schedule. And it sounded expensive.

Grocery Gal Relished Food Delivery

A box of goodness from Relished Foods

A box was delivered by Fed Ex on a Wednesday. It was like Christmas! I opened a well insulated box filled with lots of veggies, two packages of shrimp and two mahi mahi fillets.

Grocery Gal Chicago Relished Food Delivery

All this delivered for under $60!

You can customize meals for your dietary needs, so I requested the pescatarian option. Recipe cards on thick card stock were well designed (a big plus in my book) with lots of step by step photos for those new to cooking, and the components for three meals, individually bagged. Wine or beer pairing suggestions are also included. I had some stash from Vin Chicago, so we were covered in the wine department. The Grocery Gal cooking show was about to begin!

Grocery Gal Relished Food Delivery Recipe Card

All the how-to’s including drink pairings

Since the mahi-mahi was still frozen, I chose to cook a shrimp dish the first night. The package was for a 2 person meal, but we had three of us at home, so we got a little creative… which just meant adding extra shrimp and veggies. We chose the creamy fresh pesto pasta recipe with fresh peas and roasted peppers. All I had to do was slice the red peppers and prosciutto; the rest of the prep work is done for you. The meat eaters enjoyed crispy prosciutto with the shrimp.

Grocery Gal Relished Food Delivery

Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken became Shrimp with Crispy Prosciutto

Grocery Gal Relished Food Delivery

Looks as good as their photos!

Grocery Gal Relished Food Delivery

The tiny shrimp and yellow squash were added to make it a meal for three

The end result was delicious! The portions were big; while I extended the meal with extra shrimp, yellow squash and pasta, there was still enough leftovers to take for lunch the next day. What I really enjoyed about it was it was something I’d never think of cooking myself. I thought it would’ve been about a zillion calories, but according to the calorie chart on the recipe card, each serving was under 500 calories. I don’t know if I believe that, but I won’t question it now. Day one was pretty impressive.

Grocery Gal Relished Food Delivery

More prosciutto for me!

Day two’s meal was supposed to be steak with roasted vegetable hash, but we used Mahi Mahi which was delivered to us instead. The rainbow carrots and shallots were already peeled; a great time saver. I only used 1/2 of the cauliflower and squash; I saved the rest for another meal. The recipe said the vegetables only needed 20 minutes in the oven, and I knew that was way to short for the acorn squash to be done.

Grocery Gal Relished Food Delivery

Roasted vegetables and Mahi Mahi – even though I”m showing shrimp here

I roasted them in the oven for almost an hour – I like my roasted veggies charred – and added some extra brussels sprouts I had to the mix. End result was a much fuller flavor.

Grocery Gal Relished Food Delivery

I like my veggies charred!

Grocery Gal Relished Food Delivery

Thursday night’s end result featuring a great wine from Vin Chicago

Friday came and went and we didn’t cook our third meal, which was a spinach salad with shrimp. I ended up cooking it on Saturday for lunch. My only complaint was on Saturday my cherry tomatoes had gone bad, which was really surprising. Being Grocery Gal, though, all was not lost; I had tomatoes in the house. It was one minor mishap on an otherwise great experience.

Grocery Gal Relished Food Delivery Meal

Day three – Spinach and Shrimp Salad

Once I was done cooking the final meal and formed my opinion, I looked into the cost of having a subscription to Relished. I was convinced three substantial meals for two people being delivered to your home in incredible packaging with high quality printed materials was easily $100 a week. Perfect for my well-to-do friends with demanding jobs, downtown homes and no cars, but not for budget-conscious Grocery Gal. I think i literally gasped when I logged on to and saw the price: $9.95 per person/per meal. Three dinners delivered to me for $59.70. The packaging alone seemed to be $20 – how do they do it?

You can have their food delivered to you up to five days a week, and they offer four and six person servings for those with larger families.  Today I just logged on to their site for a delivery for two weeks from now, and there’s 5 options for me to choose from. It’s great, because my husband doesn’t like beets, so I swapped that out for a rainbow chard salad.

Another thing that’s great is they deliver outside of Chicagoland: anywhere east of the Colorado River, except Florida and Maine. Seeing that, I signed up for a delivery to my sister in rural Michigan. Hope I didn’t ruin the surprise, Tanya! There’s no hidden fees I can see, and you can cancel at anytime. I won’t do Relished every week, but I can see myself doing a delivery every other month. You can see their weekly menu online. Also on Facebook.


  1. Tanya
    Posted March 6, 2014 at 6:14 pm | Permalink

    I got the 3 meal/2 servings box of food. Crab cakes, pork tenderloin, and bone-in chicken. Everything was beautiful, but I couldn’t help but notice the excessive packaging (at least I rinse and re-use them). It was nice to not have to wonder what to make for dinner after a very long day. Some of the cooking times for meat and vegetables seemed short or vague, so I wouldn’t recommend this for the absolute novice cook. I double-checked with my meat thermometer, the cooking times were close, but I always recommend using a thermometer when cooking meat. The first thing I made was the crab cakes, the flavor was great, but the cakes fell apart (I thought I should have added an egg, but I followed the recipe). But still tasty and edible, so that was nice. All recipes said they would take 30 minutes, but easily took 40-45. I was missing a lemon for my pork tenderloin recipe, but had some bottled lemon juice so it all worked out. I also noticed that the spices seemed to be a bit much– and we can handle spice. Specifically the crushed red pepper and chipotle powder was way too much for the recipe, so again, I would recommend this for someone who has some experience in the kitchen. It would be nice to see ingredient measurements to re-create any of the recipes again. There were some great flavor combinations that I would not have come up with on my own. All in all, it was a great experience, and helps to motivate me to cook a better dinner after a long day of work.

  2. Grocery Gal
    Posted March 12, 2014 at 1:00 am | Permalink

    I agree. I think sometimes the items they give (onion, pepper, etc) might be too much if you use the whole item. Would be nice if the recipes also gave serving sizes since vegetables could vary in size. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Paula
    Posted April 2, 2014 at 12:33 am | Permalink

    I am so impressed with this not only did I pin it, I am excited to try. I HATE the grocery store but I love fresh food. This solves both problems. Thanks G.G.

    • Grocery Gal
      Posted April 2, 2014 at 12:40 am | Permalink

      It’s really an amazing service. Today we had flat iron steak with radicchio and arugula. My only complaint is they don’t give measurements in their recipes, so sometimes if the shallot/onion/cauliflower they send is too large, it can throw off the meal. If you’re a competent cook, you can figure it out. Enjoy it!

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  6. Arelica
    Posted April 14, 2015 at 10:12 am | Permalink

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    That makes your first order only $29, perfect to give it a try! I now get it every week because it is SO convenient, tastes AMAZING, and I get to try cooking new things that I would have never made before…

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