Meat, meat, meat. There’s a lot of meat in my diet, so as Grocery Gal, I’m always looking for a bargain on grass fed meats. I did a google search for grass fed meats on my iPhone (is it bad I’m sharing my Grocery Gal secrets?) and Mediterranean Market Market in Lombard appeared. Now Lombard is pretty far away for me, but I had a free Sunday and am a sucker for a new adventure. It was also not too far from Bende, which gave me all the more reason to go.

Grocery Gal Mediterrean Market LombardWhen I pulled my grocery getter into the small strip mall, the parking lot was packed. Everyone was at the Mediterranean Market. Tight aisles are packed full of pickled radishes, large metal containers of olive oil, hookahs, hair oils and spices.
Grocery Gal Mediterrean Market Lombard One Stop Halal Shop hookah
Grocery Gal Mediterrean Market Lombard One Stop Halal Shop hair oilI came for one thing (well, two): their grass fed lamb and goat. I had a great recipe for both meats that I wanted to try, and I didn’t know where else to find them both as grass fed. The small meat counter was packed and I happily wandered through the aisles as I waited for my turn.

Grocery Gal Mediterrean Market Lombard One Stop Halal ShopOnce it was my turn, I asked for 2 pounds of lamb and 3 pounds of goat, which to my surprise, were all wrapped into individual 1 lb bags. That saved me a step for freezing it at home. I also bought some uncooked chicken shawarma, bright yellow from all the turmeric seasoning. They offered to cook it there for me as a sandwich, but I wanted to enjoy it at home. And enjoy it at home I did; before my bags were unpacked the chicken was cooking in the pan and it was deeelish! I wish I would’ve bought more. I also bought some beef kefta which I had a few days later and it was just as good.

Grocery Gal Mediterrean Market Lombard One Stop Halal Shop shawarmaOn their website, the owners explained their store was small, but packed with some of the best items they could find. I agree; I’ve been to many Mediterranean markets over the years and never saw items that they carried. One such item was Sadaf spice blend. It’s a great alternative to use when I’m out of fresh herbs.

Grocery Gal Mediterrean Market Lombard One Stop Halal Shop They sell a good amount of sweets, including beautiful gift boxes of Turkish Delight and smaller noughat sweets made with sesame and pistachios that you can buy by the piece. It’s hard not to buy at least one piece to try!

Grocery Gal Mediterrean Market Lombard One Stop Halal Shop turkish delightThis newest Grocery Gal adventure was a great find for me. If you’re in the Lombard area, this is one place you can’t miss.

Mediterranean Market. 612 E Roosevelt Rd, Lombard, IL 60148. 630-424-1397. Open 7 days.

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