There’s something super deluxe about French cookware. Is it the colorful enameled cast iron? The cute fluted cruets? Its iconic style? Lids so heavy that you could hospitalize an intruder with? Maybe it’s one or maybe it’s all those reasons. I have a few pieces by two well-known brands I either purchased on sale or were given to me as a gift. I love using them, but they’re so large and heavy that it’s really limited to a big batch of chili, soup or stew.

At the International Home & Housewares show I came across Revol, a French Cookware company, who has taken the traditional French cookware style and turned it on it’s ear. What drew me in were their sleek and modern white Revolution cocottes with bright colored lids. When I mentally prepared myself to hoist up one of those heavy lids, I was surprised at how light its was. How’s that? It’s ceramic!

Grocery Gal Revol French Cookware chicago

Image courtesy of Revol

Revol creates cookware that’s stylish, lightweight and so versatile. My pantry has been filled with CorningWare for years; it’s a powerhouse for baking, serving and freezing, but not for stove top cooking. Nor is modern day CorningWare super stylish. Revol takes that functionality to another level – it can be used on all heating surfaces (including induction!), is easy to clean, and yes, I’ll type it again, super stylish.

Revol Cookware Grocery Gal Chicago

Image courtesy of Revol

One thing I’m guilty of, though, is never reading directions. I had a lovely small Revol la cocotte, so lightweight and the perfect size for my small family. I first time I used it was to make pierogi. I boiled the potatoes, sautéed the onions and finally par-boiled the pierogis before their final sauté. The piece cleaned up after it soaked for a bit. There were some dark spots on the base from my1948 Universal Marlboro gas stove that needed to be scrubbed out with a scrubby pad.

Revol Grocery Gal

Oops -that was a little too hot

For something that was touted as so easy to clean, why did I have to soak it? Well, that’s when I dug out the paperwork that came with la cocotte. It was there, right in front of me (in fact, it was in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean), that Revol porcelain cookware should not be use with full heat, and should also use the same gradual rise in temperature as my other French cookware. Luckily I had only made that mistake during my first time using it, and now I know how to use it correctly. I just have to be patient while cooking!

Grocery Gal Revol

Fancy French cookware in my 1960 Winnebago trailer

I love Revol’s small size, the stylish look, it’s light weight and attractive price (for the small size). Online you can find my tiny cocotte at Chef’s Catalog, and larger versions there and at Sur La Table. I love being able to bring a meal from the stove to the dining room table in something pleasant to look at without worrying that I might throw out my back.  Bonus points for it not having a large handle sticking out of it, either. It’s perfect for everyday use, and we even took it camping with us – you just need to remember to cook slowly and at a low temperature.

Revol Porcelaine.




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